What is a Human Commercial?

A Human Commercial involves a Field Sales Representative, representing a particular client, delivering a face to face presentation to each potential customer.

It is now widely recognised that word of mouth is the number one method of connecting clients to customers and we do exactly that by delivering over a million "Human Commercials" direct to potential customers every year.

Clients are always searching for the most cost effective way of increasing brand awareness and creating lasting results - this is exactly what the "Human Commercial" delivers.
We believe that the residential, business to business or event promotion of the clients and services should never be viewed as a simple sale = acquisition equation.

What separates us from the competition is the pride we take in our personal interaction with the customer - we engage each and every individual in a conversation about their needs and requirements to ensure that they are choosing a product that is right for them, offering total peace of mind.

Crucially, every presentation is made in the form of our unique Human Commercial™. This human touch translates into effective, quality-driven acquisitions for the clients. Our innovative approach delivers unparalleled bottom line results to the clients. Any scepticism of our direct sales approach quickly turns to enthusiasm and support from the clients when they discover that our professional, face-to-face channel often significantly outperforms telesales, direct mail - and even print, radio and television advertising.

Field Representatives make full use of the advantage of visual demonstrations, whilst simultaneously addressing immediate questions or concerns.

Our Human Commercial™:

  • Presents the client’s brand, in person, to the general public
  • Can be applied to a range of industries
  • Cuts through the ‘noise’ of a crowded marketplace
  • Provides positive exposure to a brand and its key messages
  • Enables the Field Representative to respond to the customer’s body language and answer questions
  • Delivers dynamic market feedback to the client
  • Capitalises on the immense power of people selling to people: the human touch is proven to be far more effective than its automated equivalent
  • Reinforces brand awareness, educating the community and delivering services effectively and professionally